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Spy Tools: Spy Watch – Save life during emergency

Posted By: Prakash

This spy watch consists of a hidden high resolution lens which can capture video in day or night, whatever the situation may be.

Working as a spy, investigating and solving cases, is a heroic job but at the same time is risk oriented. Hence, a partner as a wrist watch would make a good match if the watch does all the secret works of a spy such as video recording, voice recording and transmitting the voice or video signals to the control room. Using this watch, there is no chance of missing evidence and hence solving the case will be easier than before. The watch operates with the help of a small battery. This spy watch consists of a hidden high resolution lens which can capture video in day or night, whatever the situation may be. Hidden microphone can record conversations secretly; no one can ever imagine that a spy is gathering evidences on. The transmitter sends a signal to the control unit regarding the videos and voice captured. The transmitter proves useful at the time of emergency to call help from allies. The investigation can be carried out so secretly that the subject cannot even determine whether the spy is carrying on a wrist watch or a special camera and recorder.
  • A high resolution lens to capture videos and pictures secretly.
  • A hidden microphone to record conversations secretly.
  • The transmitter sends signal to the control room regarding evidences.
  • Can be used as a simple watch.
  • An inbuilt memory chip to record onboard data.
  • Usb compatible; to connect to computer for saving data.
  • Time adjustment via crown.
This cool spy watch is perfect for your covert spy missions. A spy is safe on his dangerous investigations using this spy watch.

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