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Licensed Private Investigators

Whenever you’re required investigative help, hire a licensed investigator.

Whenever you’re required investigative help, hire a licensed investigator. For example, if some one requires private investigator services for a background check of a Spouse, the investigator will provide you professional services, because most investigators have experience in this field. Some investigators are specialized.

When hiring a PI, it is important to hire someone who has been licensed and who has the experience that you need. In some states, the requirements are minimal, simply requiring that a person be 21 years old, a U.S. resident, and having a good record. However, in the tough states like Texas, you can rest assured that your investigator is highly experienced.

Here are some services that licensed private investigators provide.

Private investigators can provide assistance in so many different industries that it would be nearly impossible to discuss them all in one article. Below is a discussion of just some:

Finding missing people: this can be the most rewarding element of a private detective's work. Hiring a private investigator can be the best way to trace a person. This could be a missing person, a lost loved one, an old friend who you wish to rediscover, an absconded debtor, or lost beneficiary. Tracing people is a specialist skill, and one that should really only be trusted with a trained professional.

Catching a cheating spouse: Is it immoral to trail your partner to determine whether or not they are being unfaithful? Some may say so, but consider it the other way around. Surely the person cheating is the one in the more morally dubious position. Using a private investigator to determine your partner's activities is the single most effective way to put your mind at peace. Whether you are the victim of infidelity, or you have mistaken the signs, a private detective will work subtly and discreetly to rid you of crippling uncertainty.

Providing evidence: Using specialist skills, a private investigator can help provide essential evidence in court cases and legal matters. Using their talent in covert investigation and surveillance, they can track and monitor the actions of individuals involved in all manner of court cases. In the course of their enquiries, a dossier of photographic evidence and sworn testimony can be gathered to help in areas ranging from family court to big drug cases.

Computer forensic investigators specialize in recovering, analyzing, and presenting data from computers for use in investigations or as evidence. They may be able to recover deleted emails and documents.   

Legal investigators help prepare criminal defenses, verify facts in civil law suits, locate witnesses, and serve legal documents. They often work for lawyers and law firms.

Corporate investigators conduct internal and external investigations for corporations. Internally, they may investigate drug use in the workplace or ensure that expense accounts are not abused. Externally, they may try to thwart criminal schemes, such as the fraudulent billing by a supplier.

Financial investigators may be hired to develop confidential financial profiles of individuals and companies that are prospective parties to large financial transactions. These investigators often are certified public accountants, who work closely with investment bankers and other accountants.

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