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8/22/2006 - Posted by:
Advanced Investigative Services
Address: 4545 Mariotti Court, suite i
sarasota, FL 34233
Phone: 9419259766
Alt. Phone: 9419153509
Fax: 9419259766
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Florida C Lic. Insurance Claims Investigators

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A TRUE CAREER? Tired of your current company making false promises for advancement? Do you feel you are the best at what you do? Each AIS investigator has experience in the insurance claims surveillance arena between 3 yrs and 26 yrs. Thirty percent of our investigators have owned their own investigative companies their past. We hire only serious minded, self starters, who are true experts in our industry. Is this you?


IF SO, AIS may be for you!


Advanced Investigative Services, the surveillance experts, provides investigative services to the Insurance Claims Industry. We are seeking experienced, career minded loyal Field Investigators, who are result oriented and understand the insurance industry. Not only do we conduct surveillances, courthouse searches, activity checks and locates but we also handle SIU assignments from our clients. Are you ready to be trained and attend classes for SIU?

Advanced Investigative Services has been established in FL since 1990.  AIS still has the same clients since 1990!

The primary responsibilities of this position includes the following activities:
* Conducting Surveillance 8-12 hours a day
* Obtaining Videotaped Documentation for evidence
* Conducting Activity Checks
* Typing and emailing Investigative Reports in our format

* Daily updates to AIS office and clients

* The ability to travel throughout the state if and when needed

Candidates for our Investigator positions must be self-motivated, result oriented, and possess strong communication skills. In addition, candidates must meet the following requirements:
* Insurance Claims Investigation Experience (Minimum 1 Yr Preferred)
* Possess a Current State of Florida Private Investigator C License
* Ability and Willingness to Travel as Necessary With in the State of Florida

* Flexibility to Work Varied Hours, Days and Holidays
* Computer and Internet Skills
* Possess a Valid Driver's License
* Possess a Reliable Surveillance Vehicle with window tint, hi or digital 8mm Video Camera, and computer with Windows Operating System, Microsoft Word, and Internet Connection
* Automobile insurance

We are not seeking subcontractors or CC licensed interns. You must have a FL class C license in good standing.


We offer a competitive pay scale, expense reimbursement, Paid training, Paid vacation time, Paid for mile driven. Commision checks for marketing with us, too.  


AIS only promotes from within the company. The promotion positions include management, supervisors, marketing clients and training.


AIS is seeking loyal career minded investigators who wants to be crossed trained into marketing our current clients and going to meetings, conferences and seminars.


AIS is gearing up for physical offices in the following states: GA, TN, TX and CA. We plan on expanding our services and expertise with our own employees in several states by the end of 2007.

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN IN ON THE AIS TEAM OF INVESTIGATORS? IF SO SEND US AN EMAIL WITH YOUR RESUME AND THIS MAY BE THE FIRST STEP FOR A TRUE CAREER IN OUR INDUSTRY. Applicants who appear to have the background we are seeking will receive a series of questions to answer for further consideration. If you are not serious, do not waste our time.

Please submit resume via e-mail to



If you want to learn more about AIS check us out on line at www.AISspy.COM

Advanced Investigative Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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