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John McGee
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    McGee Investigations

    Investigations Services.


    Our staff of experienced, dedicated and skillful Investigators support an array of services, including, but not limited to: Background Checks; Child Custody; Criminal Investigations; Domestic; Identity Theft; Insurance Fraud; Missing Persons; Narcotics Investigations; Personal Injuries; Personal Protection Services; Prenuptial Investigations; Undercover Surveillance "anywhere - anytime".

    Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or renting a duplex, being proactive is always beneficial to your specific interests.

    Why enter into an agreement, contract or personal commitment without absolute knowledge of the person or persons you are dealing with? Do you really know who the soon-to-be son-in-law is? And the widow who has control over the family heritage. Wouldn't it be prudent to discover a little more knowledge about that handsome man who keeps calling? And for the Divorcee. Wouldn't it be better this time around to check out Mr. Right before you say "I do?"

    All Law Enforcement agencies today, be they local, state or federal, are overburdened with serving their respective communities with obligatory services as defined within their specific charters. Our Agency has the skills, manpower and technologies to support your goals, be they proactive or reactive.

    One of the foremost qualities in a successful Investigator is being able to "think outside the box." Everything in life is not always "black and white." Ask ten witnesses to a bank heist what the perpetrator was wearing and you'll get "ten different answers." Those clichés are the foundation of our success. Our Investigators are trained to observe the normal and the abnormal, be it real or imagined. We sincerely take pride in what we do, how we do it and who we are. Make no doubt about it, when you hire us, you have employed a team of dedicated individuals who function as a committed, spiritual team.


    Ladies - Tired of the same old lies? Of working all day, slaving at home until you drop, only to be treated like a second class citizen? When was the last time you had a night out? Do you still like to dance, hear the latest band, or one from an era gone by? Are you tired of living in a two-parent household, yet you are the guiding light? Are there too many nights out with the boy's? Too many needless lies? Is the beer belly disappearing and the t-shirt and jeans being replaced with G-Q apparel?

    Gentlemen - Has there been a recent increase in credit card activities? Excessive spending on clothing? More after-work drinks, shopping trips, etc. with the girls? Tanning booths in February and you haven't been to Myrtle Beach in 8 years? Has the cotton underwear been replaced with Victoria Secrets lingerie? Has the aroma in the house gone from pinto beans and onions to Chanel?

    Sometimes when one or more elements of a spouse's daily routine changes, a little knowledge before it is too late can save the relationship. If not, then let the evidence we gather provide your attorney with the necessary evidence you'll need to pro-actively deal with the inevitable.

    In many cases a spouse's imagination has begun to run full throttle. Before you make those accusations, before you create a scenario you'll never be able to erase, contact our office and ask for a free consultation. If your particular scenario simply requires counseling, we'll encourage that path. If only an attorney is required, we'll suggest you spend your funds accordingly. If we feel you would benefit from any of our services, we will associate those with your specific needs and logically proceed.

    Remember, if your situation can be treated in a proactive manner, the results can save you time and money.


    In this ever changing world we live in, it is becoming more important to seek custody of a child or children to prevent their exposure to elements beyond what most people can fathom. New boyfriends, girlfriends, peers and associates can become as influential as the parent themselves. While it is agreed all children need the presence of a Mother and Father in their daily lives, the actions of one or the other all-too-often dictates negative elements and environments not in the best interest of the child. Until that particular parent matures into a compassionate provider, it is in the child's best interest to be placed in a more suitable, loving, and caring environment.

    Whether you have a real or imagined scenario, it is always in the child's best interest for you to know what type environment they are going to be subjected to.

    The Court systems today realize a paternal Father can adequately provide a stable and loving environment. No longer is the birth-mother the automatic custodian. Conversely, while the Courts prefer a Father figure remain a steadfast if possible, they understand when it is not feasible. Evidence our team can gather will assist your attorney in their presentation and ultimate decisions rendered by the system.


    Whether you are the CEO of a major company or own the local drugstore, internal fraud is a mainstay. It is estimated internal theft exceeds $50 billion dollars annually. As you know all-too-well, those costs are simply passed on to the consumer. If you want to remain competitive, it is imperative you maintain a vigil over your inventory and workplace dynamics.

    Our Agency has successfully placed key associates within the internal operations of Fortune 50 companies. Where applicable, their presence and identity remains classified. We take extreme measures to insure our presence is never known to protect the overall integrity of the specific workplace. When necessary, court appearances and testimony has provided the key elements needed to prosecute those perpetrators whose actions selfishly threatened their employers, peers and stockholders.

    In many cases, on-site personnel may not be required. While we have an array of covert technologies to assist our field agents, the systems alone may be all that is required. The technologies we deploy are extremely covert, wireless, legal and the results they produce will aid in their prosecution, while maintaining an esp-re decor and not threaten the privacy of honest, hardworking employees.


    Whether your needs are Executive Protection, Domestic or VIP, our Team has the credentials.

    We have provided personal protection on every level to Movie Stars, Political Candidates, Current Political Office Holders, and an array of Corporate 500 Executives.

    Our classifications and passports allows for world travel. Effectively, we can provide the protective services you need to play at Trade Street Billiards or dine at Buckingham Palace.


    This is a technology driven society. Don't fall prey to assumptions regarding your privacy, or lack therein. Let our Team of Counter-Intelligence Agents survey your environment, telephonic and computer based systems to assure the privacy you think you have is a reality.

    De-bugging automobiles, airplanes, boats, apartments, residences, offices, conference rooms, and manufacturing environments are our specialty.

    The next time your firm holds that corporate gathering in Calloway Gardens or Boca Raton, make sure the environment is clean. You never know when your competitor(s) has employed someone of our caliber to aid their goals.

    McGee Investigations
    Investigations Services.

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