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    Blue Star Investigations Inc.


    Dealing with the possibility that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you is a very painful and devastating position to be in.  We at Blue Star Investigations Inc. INTERNATIONAL try to make this situation for you as smooth as possible with peace of mind. 

    The services we offer for cheating spouse investigations are as follows.

    Surveillance:  We will follow your spouse or significant other on certain days or times that you think they could be cheating.  If your spouse or significant other meets any people of the opposite sex, we will take video/pictures of them together; write down the details of the lover’s car with license plate.  If need be we can also run the license plates of their lover to find out their name and their address.  Should you already know who the other lover is we can also do surveillance on them.

    If you think your spouse or significant other talks to their lover from the home, we sell a device that if you plug to any phone jack in your house, it will record both ends of the phone conversation.

    We sell a medical product (liquid form) that detects semen on clothing.  For example, you know in the morning that your spouse or significant other put on a fresh pair of underwear.  They come home and you find a stain on their underwear, you drop the liquid on the stain and it will be a specific color if it is positive or negative for semen.  If it is positive, you know your spouse or significant other had sex that day.  It is the same concept as a home pregnancy test and is 100% accurate.

    We sell a computer program that if you install on a computer, it will record all the activity on that computer and email you all the activity to a certain email address.  It will also record all emails sent and received as well as record all email passwords from hotmail, yahoo, MSN and etc.  It will also record all chat conversations from MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and etc.

    Depending on the country that your spouse or significant other are in, Cellular and Mobile Phone records could possibly be obtained.

    Our services are only offered for legal purposes.  Please check that the services we offer do not violate any laws in your country or jurisdiction.


    Blue Star Investigations Inc.

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