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    Now, more than ever, it is very important to verify information proffered from potential employees,
    needed suppliers, sub-contractors, competitors, business partners and/or anyone else interacting with your company.

    The last thing you need in your career is to find out the people in your circle are not who they profess to be, or maybe they are on some government watch list or have a criminal record, or are harboring some other detrimental fact that will bring bad publicity and embarrassment to you and your company

    We can verify the most innocuous detail, dig up other information that may be of relevance and save you from the future embarrassment of having a relationship with an undesirable and possible criminal, and/or a person intending to steal Trade Secrets or do other harm to your Company or harm to the general public.

    We can get information from sources within Canada, as well as in the USA or anywhere else in the world from several agencies, as well as our own unique network of Information Sources.

    Part of the Background Investigation may include interviews with former employers, neighbours, teachers/professors, creditors and others.

    We can obtain criminal & civil records, driving records, telephone records and just about any other information you can imagine.

    A thorough pre-screening of people wanting to work for you, do business with you or partner with you may prove to save you time, money and reputation.

          Group Insurance & (WSIB)

    You may have some employees that have been, are currently or will be receiving compensation from your Group Insurer or the W.S.I.B.

    The average percentage of employees on WSIB to the total company labour force is less than 1%.
    If your company has more than 1% of its' employees on WSIB, you have a serious systemic problem that needs to be fixed immediately.There are certain obligations under the WSIB legislation that the employer must do to assist the injured worker in his full recovery and his eventual return to work in his original position or in a less stressful position, while maintaining his original pay scale.

    However, as you may have experienced, some injured workers may exaggerate the extent of their injuries and over-extend their recovery period to the point of being fraudulent.

    In our experience we have seen and videotaped workers jogging, cutting grass, shoveling snow or climbing ladders who were at the same time diagnosed by their Doctor to have a slipped disc, broken vertebrae, whiplash etc.

    The W.S.I.B. does not have the manpower nor the resources to investigate any claimants and therefore Companies would be wise to hire us to make sure the injured worker is an “Injured” worker and that they are following all the advice of their Health Care Rehab Team.

    Our Rehab Monitoring Department personnel are Experts in dealing with the W.S.I.B. and are familiar with their Policies and Procedures, therefore we can assist your Human Resources Department with managing the Claim File on behalf of the interests of the Employer, and make sure the injured worker is back to work as quickly as possible.

    As there would be an Agent/Principal relationship with your company, our Client, we can act on your company's behalf in all W.S.I.B. Claims, and in conjunction with your HR Department, can assist in the weekly monitoring of the progress of the injured worker.

    If we suspect the injured worker may be working at another job, we would begin an Activity Check, by quickly setting up a video surveillance of their home for a few days to see if and when they are going to work and/or to see, document and videotape the extent of their “mobility”.

    We think it makes good sense to be involved in the case immediately after the claim is reported so that we can immediately investigate the circumstances of the injury, determine if the injury was in fact,“Work-related”.

    We would determine if it was the result of an injury occurring off company property and during non-employment time.

    We would monitor all the follow up care, and critique all the medical reports from the Health Care Professionals to make sure they are filled out properly and thoroughly, and that the Claimant's Physician has properly diagnosed the extent of his/her injuries and has properly calculated the estimated time of recovery.

    If we find any discrepancy, we can then proceed to investigate the veracity of the claim by putting the claimant under surveillance for a few days and obtain evidence that may refute the extent of the Claimants injury.

    If you have employees currently collecting WSIB benefits, or who have just filed a claim, call our office immediately to set up a meeting with our Personal Injury Fraud Specialist as soon as possible.


    There are many ways an employee can defraud and steal from an employer. The most common theft by employees is stealing inventory and stealing time.

    However, all employees, regardless of rank, have many opportunities and temptations to steal from their employer, whether it is inventory, die's, computer aided designs, trade secrets' proprietary drawings, fake invoicing, and time.
    “Company Time”, the period of time whereby an employee is paid, usually by a fixed shift or a daily standard time period such as 8:00am-4:00pm.

    If an employee is not conducting productive company business during that company time, and are wasting the time doing activities for their own self gratification, such as surfing the net or taking an extra hour or two for lunch, they are “Stealing” from their employer, and costing the company money in lost productivity.

    Employee Theft is flushing money down the Executive Toilet, and is a hindrance to maximizing shareholder value.

    As a matter of practicing good due diligence, you need a Plan in place that detects Employee Theft, and corrects it before it gets out of control and jeopardizes the company's survival.


    The most common type of customer theft is "Shoplifting". As profit margins are thin in some industries, it is important for businesses to have systems in place designed to minimize the opportunity for shoplifting.

    Tagging products with an Alarm and/or radio frequency transmitter, is the latest technology to deal with shoplifting.

    Close Circuit Video Cameras are also effective in

    catching shoplifters if the cameras have monitor screens that are constantly watched by security personnel, and the shoplifter is immediately arrested and the company prosecutes the offenders.

    If the cost of the Security Personnel is beyond the budget of the company, the Monitoring of the Video Surveillance System can run for the first 3-6 months of operation, long enough to catch the career shoplifter and project the impression in the shoplifting culture that this store is “High Risk”. They will avoid your store and move on to your competitor, who has no effective anti-shoplifting system.



     Some of the types of missing persons are: a.   Debtors evading creditors
    b.   Swindlers evading partners / shareholders
    c.   Spouses evading spousal/child support or just the spouse
    d.   Teenagers evading parents & runaways
    e.   Long lost friends & relatives

     Our Skip-trace department focuses on finding people who have gone underground. We can initially search all the public databases, followed by databases only available to Investigators, and finally accessing databases that are highly classified.
    The amount of time and expense expended on finding the missing person will be directly proportional on how important the circumstances are in locating the missing person or how much money is at stake.


    Some of the types of Assets are:

    a.   Cash & other negotiable instruments
    b.   Stocks, bonds & real property
    c.   Vehicles, boats & planes
    d.   industrial equipment

    We can conduct various methods in locating any asset, some methods of which are classified, but we are successful in hunting down the location of the Asset in Canada, USA, Europe and most of the Offshore locations.

    If you have a need to locate a person who has disappeared or a need to find missing Assets, call us today and let us find them for you.


    Would you like to know where your Sales Personnel are going when they are away from the office?

    Would you like to know exactly where the trucks in your fleet are traveling and stopping?

    Would you like to know when your heavy equipment is being moved to or when your waste containers are full? You may want to keep track of the movements of anyone driving your vehicle.
    We supply and install a Web-Based Real Time GPS Asset Tracking Unit covertly into any car, truck, van, tractor, trailer or any other heavy machine.

    We can monitor or you can monitor our Tracking Unit from any computer, 24/7.


    Wouldn't you like to know more about your competitors operations than they know about your Operation?

    There is a good chance that your competitors are gathering intelligence about your company. We can do for you that which your competitors are likely doing to you.

    We can answer the following questions:
    i.   Who and where are their customers?
    ii.   Are any of their operations in violation of any laws or regulations?
    iii.   Use your imagination.


    You may have a need to protect:

    i.   Trade secrets
    ii.   Proprietary manuals
    iii.   Software & formulas
    iv.   Client & supplier lists

    With the many computer terminals, email accounts, photo-copiers, fax machines & E-fax accounts, and telephones that are unattended and available for use by many employees throughout your building, you should have a strategy for protecting the information flowing in and out of your facilities.

    You should also be concerned about the possibility of Electronic Listening Devices (Bugs) being planted in your offices, boardrooms, and other key areas of your facilities.

    We can conduct a Security System Audit, develop an Information Security Strategy, conducting a Bug Sweep of all the facility and installing white noise generators in the key areas.


    INSIGHT Consulting and Investigative Services Inc. can assist Private, Public and Crown Corporations in developing a State of the Art “Security System Strategic Plan” and/or can critique and expand on any existing Security System.

    The 21st Century is proving to be a more challenging period than in any other time in our history.

    Information and Trade Secrets can pass through photocopiers, fax machines, computer fax and E-Mail and every Corporation needs to put into place Security Controls for their “Corporate Bank of Information”.

    Vandalism, Sabotage, and Terrorism affect those Corporations and Government Agencies that use Strategic Power and/or Strategic Chemicals and therefore a vigilant, high level of Security is mandated by good due diligence and general common sense.

    Employee/Customer Shrinkage, Time Card/Invoice and Bank Account Fraud, Employee Substance Abuse is traditional areas requiring certain level of Security Controls.

    We can develop a Security System Strategic Plan for your Company that will include: i.

    i.   Evaluating your existing Security Implements;
    ii.   Conducting a detailed Survey of the Physical Facility, which will include:
    iii.   Internal & external entrances/exits;
    iv.   Shipping / receiving & mail room areas
    v.   Fire safety & emergency measures
    vi.   Employee identification systems
    vii.   Personnel hiring & screening procedures
    viii.   Inventory control procedures
    ix.   Letter / package opening protocols
    x.   A detailed recommendation and final report.

    We can also provide other Special Services which may include:

    In the event you do not currently have a Private Security Firm under contract, we can arrange to provide the best Uniformed Security Force on a temporary or permanent basis

    We can provide you with round the clock or time specific Executive Protection for all your Key Personnel

    A cost effective and important part of any Security System is the installation of Video Monitoring & Recording of all strategic internal and external areas of the property. These cameras can record 24/7 and can be monitored remotely if desired on the Internet by Key Personnel.

    Call our office and arrange for our Chief of Security to meet with you to evaluate your immediate and long-term needs.


    In the same way pre-screening an employee candidate minimizes the hiring of “problem people”, conducting Covert Undercover Operations can uncover dishonest and/or criminal behavior within your existing ranks of Employees.

    Inventory theft and trade secret theft by employees is common in companies and sometimes the only effective way to ferret it out is to place an operative within the ranks.

    If you suspect that you might have a problem with employee theft, drug or alcohol abuse, inventory shrinkage, trade secret theft or any other matter that may require covert evidence gathering, please call for an assessment.


    Sometimes the best way to discover what people are doing with their time, where they are going, whom are they talking to and how they are getting to their destination is to covertly follow, videotape, photograph and/or record their activities using covert surveillance.

    The two modes of Surveillance are commonly known as Mobile and Static Surveillance.
    Mobile Surveillance is the observation, tracking and recording of the movement of people (Employees), while they are working on Company time, using Company vehicles, transporting Company Product and / or any other activities, actions and / or performance.

    If you transport valuable merchandise by Truck, you may want to regularly have Investigators covertly follow the Trucks, to ensure safe and prompt delivery and that none of the merchandise is Hijacked, and that Company Employees or Sub-Contractors are not in collusion with the Hijackers.

    Static or Stationary Surveillance is the observation and recording of “Activities” onthe outside perimeter of the Company's properties, such as head offices, warehouses, plants and/or branch locals.

    It may be the recording of “Activities” at the Shipping areas and/or at all the other exits during regular business hours and, more importantly, after regular business hours.

    The purpose of the Surveillance is to find out whom or what is going into or out of your facilities when no one else is “Watching” or when certain Employees think or assume no one else is “Watching”.

    This is particularly important if you have reason to suspect that there is unauthorized activity, illegal activity or if you suspect Inventory Shrinkage, Trade Secret Theft, or if you just want the peace of mind and assurance that all is “Well” in your Company.


    Insight has an unblemished reputation in the Industry for managing the Security and Investigative functions required for a strike or lockout, as attested by the many large Corporations that have sought us out to handle their Labour Disputes.


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