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WV Private Investigator
Brandon Black
P.O. Box 584
Lewisburg, WV 24901
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    Professional Security Services, LLC

    About Us

    We at Professional Security Services invite everyone into our doors to learn our goals, objectives, and backgrounds. We provide this so that every potential or current customer has no doubt about our ability to get the job done right.

    Officer's Prayer

    Dear Lord, Please watch over me as I embark on my journey to protect and serve my community. Give me the strength to carry out all of my duties as you would wish, the power to enter dangerous and dark situations that others not dare, and the ability to make it thru the night. Dear Lord, most of all, please watch over my family and keep them safe as I strive to do for others. Amen
    Our Employees

    Employees play an important role in any business, and at Professional Security Services our employees make our business. Our employees are people that are well respected within the community. They all recieve on-site training to ensure they know every aspect of our clients needs. Our employees are very dedicated to the position they hold, and we strive together to meet our clients needs.
    Our Company

    Professional Security Services is an employee owned company. We started out just offering security and process services. It wasn't long after we opened our doors that we had such a demand for private investigation work that we had to reconstruct our company and open a private investigation division to accommodate our customers. We work several small and large investigation cases. We also provide our security services in many different environments. We have steady accounts and we also work one time events. We have provided our security services for several large events including the GOODSTOCK Rock & Roll Festival held at The Good Evening Ranch in Canvas, WV.

    Professional Security Services, LLC
    About Us

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