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    A True P.I. Inc.


    Background Check Investigation

    Background Check Investigation

    A background check is the process of investigating official and commercial records about a person. It is done as a pre–employment check for any job applicant but mostly for a job applicant that requires high security like a school or a bank. Attorneys also request background checks on witnesses in their legal cases.

    At A True P.I., we perform a background check and investigate a person to find the truth and report the facts. These checks are important because they can aid you in making a better informed decision. These background investigations can also aid in character assessment.

    Background check investigations can include:

    • Employment references
    • Education verification: School attended, school grades, accredited and unaccredited degrees, and any professional qualification or certificate
    • Gaps in employment history
    • Character reference check
    • Identity and address verification
    • Public records search investigation
    • Criminal Records Search Investigation
    • Bankruptcy and judgment lien investigations
    • Limited income history
    • Internet dating
    • Credit history.

    We provide surveillance to uncover illegal activities such as illegal and legal drug abuse, and alcohol abuse. For child cases, this is to prevent possible or further child abuse, endangerment and neglect.

    We provide child custody, child visitation, and child neglect and abuse investigations. We can help uncover and document facts of unwarranted behavior involving children.



    Are you concerned about your spouse? Are you uneasy about your business partner? Are you worried about a family member? Surveillance is the observation and monitoring of a person’s activities or activities surrounding a location from a distance with electronic equipment.

    Our private investigators provide first–rate physical and electronic surveillance. We are extremely careful. We use state–of–the–art equipment to gather facts and evidence. Our private investigators have law enforcement and military experience as well as training. Some surveillance jobs may require our private investigator to perform an undercover investigation.

    We provide detailed reports and any evidence uncovered from our surveillance. We gather facts to aid you in making a better informed decision.

    We provide surveillance for many types of investigations:

    • Marriage investigation
    • Discrimination investigation
    • Undercover investigation
    • Workers compensation investigation
    • Witness location, skip trace and people search
    • Criminal investigation
    • Sexual harassment investigation.

    Asset Search Investigation

    Asset Search Investigation

    Our private investigators search for the existence of hidden or lost assets and locate these assets. We offer comprehensive asset searches in the United States. Our Agency can reveal valuable and in–depth information for personal involvements or verification of credentials.

    We identify and investigate various assets owned by individuals and businesses. These assets may include bank accounts, real estate properties, automobiles, aircrafts, watercrafts, vehicles, stocks, bonds, funds and unearned income from rentals, off–shore accounts, safety deposit boxes, dividends and interest from stock ownership. We can also search for assets owned through a third party such as trusts or other family members.

    We provide assets searches and investigations for family law proceedings such as divorce and child support, and for civil litigations such as collection and judgment recovery. We specialize in locating assets through:

    • Public records search: department of motor vehicle records, Secretary of State filings, property records, utility records and civil and criminal court cases
    • Background check and investigation: employment search, criminal record search, Social Security Number (SSN) trace and verification, and credit history reports.
    • Bank account search
    • Tax filings search.

    Cell Phone Records Search Investigation

    Cell Phone Records Search Investigation

    At A True P.I., we define cell phone records as communication records which involve a phone number such as land line phone records, cellular phone records, telephone records, wireless phone records, and long distance phone records. Our private investigators search cell phone bills and identify cell phone number listed.

    Our clients submit cell phone records. We investigate. We have access and can search public, private and cellular phone record databases. We can even identify unlisted and private phone numbers. Research into the details of cell phone records and their related patterns can provide information critical to many types of private investigations:

    • Marriage investigation
    • Asset search investigation
    • Public records search investigation
    • Criminal records search investigation
    • Undercover investigation
    • Witness location, skip trace and people search
    • Missing persons and runaways
    • Background check investigation
    • Criminal investigation
    • Service of process.

    Public Records Search Investigation

    Public Records Search Investigation

    Under the Freedom of Information Act or each state’s open records laws, you have the right to access public information records without usually having to provide an explanation for the request. At A True P.I., we can help you search these public records.

    We provide public records searches for individuals to locate missing persons or runaways, for attorneys to perform asset search, and for businesses to perform background checks and employment verifications.

    Public records search can include:

    • County public records: birth certificate and death certificate
    • Motor vehicle information: automobile registration, driver’s license and accident reports
    • Secretary of State filings: corporation record, uniform commercial code (UUC) filing and limited partnership
    • Property records: mortgage filing and tax appraisal
    • Utility records: water and electric bills
    • Voter registration record
    • Marriage and divorce records
    • Occupational licenses: driving school record and registration record
    • Court filings: civil and criminal court filings, probate records, bankruptcy filing, tax lien records, and mortgage default records
    • Other records of interest: concealed weapons permit, and watercraft and aircraft registrations.

    Criminal Investigation

    Criminal Investigation

    The police cannot always solve your crime. They will not always devote their full interest and time to your case. At A True P.I., we are committed to you.

    Our private investigators are professional criminal investigators. We have decades of investigative experience. We have law enforcement and military experience and training. We use state–of–the–art equipment to gather evidence. Our criminal investigations will provide facts that lead to true evidence.

    We assist attorneys in preparing their criminal defense by locating witnesses, interviewing witnesses, searching for prospective witnesses, background investigations, surveillance and service of process. False allegations cannot be defended like other cases. You are guilty and you must prove your innocence.

    Undercover Investigation

    Undercover Investigation

    Theft, drugs, alcohol, harassment, sexual harassment, and vandalism –– Businesses cannot afford these illegal activities at the workplace. Stop these illegal activities and find the truth!

    Deciding to have your employees or your workplace investigated for theft, drugs, alcohol, harassment, sexual harassment, and vandalism can improve your work environment and your profit margin. At A True P.I., we provide undercover agents and private investigators to investigate these illegal activities.

    We will meet with your company representative to discuss your goals. We will assess your needs and insert one or more undercover agents and private investigators in your organization. During the course of our undercover investigation, we will accumulate detailed reports, and conclusive evidence such as surveillance records (photos, videos and/or audio recordings), e–mails, interviews, and/or phone records. We have state–of–the–art technology at our disposal to gather the information you need. We will provide answers to your questions.

    Listening Device Detection and Invasion of Privacy

    Listening Device Detection and Invasion of Privacy

    Do you get the strange feeling that you are being watched? Do you have strange conversations where the other person knows everything about you? Do you hear strange noises on you phone? Does it seem that someone has been using your computer? A True P.I. is committed to your privacy.

    Unfortunately, electronic surveillance devices recording your every sound, movement and keystrokes, commonly known as bugs, has improved over the years. Our private investigators are experienced at finding listening devices, eavesdropping devices, recording devices, wireless devices, security cameras, audio and video surveillance devices, snooping devices, and microphones.

    We understand the many applications of electronic surveillance devices since we use them every day in our line of private investigative work. Our private investigators will examine your situation. We will conduct a visual and electronic inspection sweep. We will inspect all your electronic equipment, including your computers and cell phones, and conduct tests.

    Social Security Number SSN Verification

    Social Security Number SSN Verification

    A social security number (SSN) verification is a quick and inexpensive first step in our investigations. The SSN verification or validation will provide a name and address that can be compared to the information that you have provided us.

    The SSN verification can also uncover other names such as married names, maiden names, aliases, and current and previous addresses. Once we have this information, we can proceed with our many types of investigations:

    • Background check investigation
    • Public record search investigation
    • Criminal record search investigation
    • Asset search investigation
    • Witness and informant statement investigation
    • Witness location, skip trace and people search
    • Judgment, lien and bankruptcy investigations
    • Workers compensation investigation.

    A True P.I. Inc.

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